Fishing at Lake Gertrude (Abercrombie Lake)


Rainbow Trout

The rainbow trout stocked in Lake Gertrude come from the Ft. Richardson Hatchery in Anchorage. There are approximately 3,700 1-1/2 inch fingerlings stocked in Lake Gertrude every year. A one year old rainbow in Lake Gertrude would be approximately 4-6 inches long. You are encouraged to keep your legal limit of the larger, older rainbows, as they will predate upon the fingerlings. These rainbow trout have been sterilized by "heat shocking" their eggs at the hatchery to prevent them from spreading into other streams and lake systems within Kodiak. However, since rainbow trout stockings between 1953 and 1990 used reproductively viable fish, it is reasonable to assume that at present there is also a small spawning population in this system. From the hatchery, the fish are sent to Homer, where they are put on the Alaska State Ferry to Kodiak. This program is managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Sport Fish Division.

Daily Catch Limit For Rainbow Trout: 10 fish daily (only 1 over 20 inches)

Landlocked Salmon

Up to 3,500 landlocked coho salmon and 3,000 landlocked Chinook salmon are also stocked in Lake Gertrude during years when numbers surplus to other local enhancement project objectives for these species become available. Formal objective for the Lake Gertrude stocking project are contained in ADF&G's Statewide Stocking Plan for Recreational Fisheries, which is subject to internal and public review on an annual basis. In lieu of future changes to the statewide stocking plan, ADF&G plans to continue efforts to enhance the Lake Gertrude sport fishery.

History of Lake Gertrude Sport Fishery Enhancement

During the past 50 years Lake Gertrude has been subject to numerous sport fisheries enhancement efforts undertaken both by the Kodiak Conservation Club (which built and operated the Devil's Creek rainbow trout hatchery) and ADF&G. Historic records indicate that changes over time in numbers and species of fish stocked was both in response to measured or perceived poor success in previous stocking efforts as well as apparent changes in preferences for targeted species by the sport fishery. However, almost all narratives of stocking evaluations indicate that results measured in terms of sport fishing opportunity were less than expected. The stocking history of Lake Gertrude is chronicled in the following table.

Year Species Stocked/Activity

1953-1963; 1973-present

Rainbow Trout


Landlocked Sockeye Salmon

1967 - 1971; 2005-present

Landlocked Coho Salmon*



Lake poisoned to eradicate all native and introduced fish species in order to re-introduce rainbow trout the following year

1979 - 1989

Arctic Grayling


Landlocked Chinook Salmon*


*Stocking conducted only during years when numbers of fish surplus to other local enhancement projects become available.