Chugach State Park Access Inventory


The Alaska Department of Natural Resources has released the Chugach State Park Access Inventory, Analysis and Recommendations. This document is designed to assist planning efforts of the Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Municipality of Anchorage as both work to meet goals of providing connectivity and reserved public access to Chugach State Park for present and future park users. The Chugach State Park Access Inventory describes where existing access to park lands is occurring, and where additional public access may be needed in the future.

This document will be a useful resource for government, community organizations, and the public as future land use decisions are made that affect Chugach State Park.

Chugach State Park staff reviewed existing planning documents, zoning maps, park files and public input in an effort to identify existing and potential reserved public access as well as traditionally used access points. Information was requested from the public in order to identify points of access, identify neighborhood concerns, and solicit other suggestions regarding access. Results of this analysis are presented in general recommendations, descriptive summaries, and maps of specific access points.

Not all access points discussed in this inventory provide reserved public access to Chugach State Park. Park users should take care to utilize existing marked trailheads, and consult with Park personnel for access to Chugach State Park.

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Copies are also available in the DNR Public Information Center, either paper (black and white) or on CD (pdf files) for $5.00.

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