Snowmobile Trail Grants Awarded for 2011

The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Snowmobile Trail Grant and Grooming Pool awards. The Snowmobile Trail Program is a competitive and reimbursable matching grant. Grants are available for developing and maintaining public snowmobile trails and related facilities and for safety and educational projects. The Snowmobile Trail Program’s Grooming Pool provides funding for trail grooming, marking and signage for snowmobile trails.

Grant applications were reviewed and evaluated by SnowTRAC, a statewide citizen advisory committee appointed by the Director of the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation to promote safe snowmobiling and development of facilities statewide. These grants are made possible by snowmobile registration fees paid to the State by snowmobile owners. Continuation of this grant program is dependent upon an annual appropriation by the Legislature of snowmobile registration fees.

MID-VALLEY TRAIL MAINTENANCE PROJECT, submitted by the Mid-Valley Trail Club. The Mid-Valley Trail Club grooms and maintains approximately 60 miles of winter trails and trailheads within the mid-valley section of the Susitna River. The funds requested will provide the club with a four-stroke snowmobile dedicated to the grooming effort. Mid-Valley Trail Club was awarded $11,672.

SOUTH FORK MONTANA CREEK TRAIL SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS, submitted by the Montana Creek Motor Mushers. The proposed project will fund the rental of a small dozer to correct site distance problems to improve safety on the trail. Additionally the trail we be widened along portions that have been narrowed into a tight gully due to erosion. The Montana Creek Motor Mushers were awarded $4,000.

ALASKA SNOWMOBILE SAFETY, submitted by the North American Outdoor Institute. Host a workshop with snowmobile stakeholders to review and comment on the safety curriculum developed from past projects and intended for use with this project. The final curriculum will be posted on the web and followed by a minimum of four live training sessions in southcentral and northwest Alaska.  Participants will be eligible to purchase a discounted snowmobile helmet.  The North American Outdoor Institute was awarded $15,000.

GROOMING POOL ADMINISTRATIVE SNOWMOBILE, submitted by Alaska State Parks. This funding would allow the state snowmobile trails administrator access to the statewide snowmobile trail system through the purchase of snowmobile. The snowmobile would be used to conduct trail site visits for a variety of purposes including to identify access issues along trail, inspect trail systems for proper maintenance, distribute trail resources such as signs, make public contact to discuss trail related issues, etc. Alaska State Parks was awarded $8,000.

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE TO SNOW CAT, submitted by the Lake Louise Snowmachine Club. This funding would allow the Lake Louise Club to purchase parts needed in order to repair their Bombardier 400 Snow Cat used for grooming area trails. Lake Louise was awarded $10,920.


Grooming Pool Allocations 2011

Mat-su Area was awarded $170,901

Northern Alaska was awarded $45,480

Kenai Peninsula was awarded $50,200

Southeast was awarded $10,000

*Note: These are approximate funding allocations. Actual funding amounts will be distributed based on weather conditions and snowfall. To view a more detailed list of grooming allocations per area, please see the spreadsheet attached to the meeting minutes at our website.

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