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Tundra Travel

Regional Travel Status

ice road
Western Coastal - OPEN*

Eastern Coastal - OPEN*

Upper Foothills - CLOSED

Lower Foothills - CLOSED

*Prospective travelers can contact DMLW staff for permits and authorizations for off-road travel.

Tundra Travel Info

Welcome to the Northern Regional Office, Northern Oil & Gas Team website. The purpose of this site is to share information about the wide variety of land use authorizations related to oil and gas development and research activities managed in the Northern Region and on the north slope in particular. Most notably, the team permits and manages off-road travel. This includes ice road construction, winter travel without ice roads, and summer travel using specialized, low impact vehicles. State lands within the Umiat Meridian are designated special use land (ADL 50666) pursuant to 11 AAC 96.014(b). This designation specifies that a permit is required for off-road motorized vehicle use unless that use is for subsistence activities.

For information and announcements regarding off-road travel on the North Slope, sign up for the tundra notification listserv.

helicopter landed in a field drilling machine on a beach

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