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Shore Fishery Leases Processing Steps for Setnet Lease Applications

  • New lease and Amendment applicants do all 13 steps.
  • Renewal applicants do only step 13.
  1. Stake site(s) between May 2 and October 15. Please provide photographic evidence of each site(s). A staking example can be found on our website. Get a staking example (PDF).
  2. Submit application and $100.00 non-refundable filing fee within 30 days of staking site(s) AND between June 1 and October 15. Get Shore Fishery Lease Application (PDF)
  3. DNR reviews the application, and then prepares the public notice which appears on our shore fishery website, DNR public notice site, and at local post offices. DNR also attempts to contact other interested parties in the immediate area (ie private landowners, other set net lease holders, traditional unleased setnetters, etc if we are aware of them.
  4. The 45 day public notice period begins the first day it appears on DNR web sites.
  5. If no protests are received, then DNR sends applicant a shore fishery plat preparation packet. Get Shore Fishery Plat Instructions (PDF)
  6. Applicant’s surveyor or draftsperson prepares the plat, then sends a preliminary plat to DNR within 90 days or request a 150-day extension, by notarized affidavit (11 AAC 64.260(f)).
  7. Applicant submits the $150.00 plat review fee to DNR within 90 days.
  8. DNR reviews the preliminary plat and returns it to the applicant’s draftsperson for corrections.
  9. Applicant’s draftsperson makes final corrections and returns it to DNR, if all corrections are made the Mylar gets sent to the applicant to sign and date; the applicant sends the Mylar to DNR.
  10. DNR reviews the Mylar to make sure all corrections have been made.
  11. DNR prepares the lease document and mails to applicant for signature.
  12. The applicant signs two original copies of the lease document in front of a notary or postmaster and returns BOTH to DNR with the $300.00 rental for the first year (no rent payment is required for a lease amendment if the rent payment is current; lease extensions also require a $100 extension fee).

Total cost for lease issuance will vary somewhat depending on the amount charged by the drafts-person or surveyor approximately $700 - 20,000+. The total amount paid to DNR is $550 ($100 application fee, $150 plat review fee, $300 first year's rental). The yearly rent after issuance is $300.