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Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) Data Releases

Posted April 2011

As part of a commitment to shared information, the Pebble Partnership has provided this environmental and socio-economic baseline data to state and federal agencies, project stakeholders, and the general public prior to project permitting.

The information contained in these reports is preliminary and is not to be cited or quoted.
Pre Permitting Environmental/Socio-Economic Data Report Series
Report A - Meteorology
Report B - Surface Water Hydrology

Report C - Surficial Geology
Report D - Groundwater Hydrology

Report E - Trace Elements - Soils and Sediments
Report F - Surface Water Quality
Report G - Naturally Occurring Constituents
Report H Macroinvertebrates and Periphyton
Report I - Marine Habitats
Report J - Nearshore Fish and Benthic Invertebrates

Report K - Noise
Report L - Iliamna Lake Studies

Report M - Visual Resources
Report N - Terrestrial Wildlife and Habitats