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Water Rights and Temporary Use Authorizations

This mapping and reporting program allows you to view maps displaying the approximate location of water rights and reservations of water in a given area. Simple tabular reports display general information about the rights or reservations you may "select" on the map. There are some areas of the state for which we have NO digital water right location data. Water rights exist in these areas, but their location cannot be depicted on the map until they have been added to the digital database. Information about all current water rights (even those that cannot be displayed on the map) can be viewed in tabular reports.

Temporary water use authorizations cannot be viewed on a map, however, you can produce lists of active authorizations sorted by status date, file number or customer name. You can also display active authorizations located in a particular meridian, township, and range or issued in a particular month. The database containing authorization information is updated weekly on Saturday evenings.

Please read the disclaimer before using this program.

For general information on water rights, reservations of water, and temporary water use authorizations go to the DNR Water Resources Section Site.

Choose from one of the following sites to begin your research:


The speed of your Internet Connection will greatly affect the length of time it takes to load the initial map.
This site lists current water rights and reservations, sorted or filtered by different criteria.
This site lists current temporary water use authorizations, sorted or filtered by different criteria.
This site displays the summary or abstract data for individual cases from the Land Administration System (LAS).
Hints, Tips & Help
These links display pages which describe some of the functions available while using the map.
Help Information - describes the tool options found on the tool bar when viewing the map.
Using the Zoom GoTo Button
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USGS - Water Resources of Alaska
WELTS - Well Log Tracking System
DNR Public Notices

More links may be found on the DNR Water Resources Page