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State Land Sale Resource

Query the results of land Auctions and Over-The-Counter (OTC) land sales offered by Mining, Land & Water since 1995. Appraisers must verify Auction and OTC sale information by researching the historical DNR land records.

State Land Sale Resource

Agricultural Appraisals: Agricultural Allowed Uses (PDF) | Agricultural Comparison Table (PDF)
View Sealed Bid Auction Results:
Over-The-Counter Website: (Parcels currently available in the OTC offering.)
View Number of parcels within each subdivision and their current status.
View status of all parcels in a subdivision:
Adanced Search for Sold Parcels: (select any or all criteria to filter on.)
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  • MTRS:  (ex. C069S100E01)
  • Acreage between:  (min acres) And (max acres)
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Note: 10/10/1995 is the earliest date for parcels sold in the datase. Therefore parcels sold between 10/10/1995 and todays date represents all the parcels sold.