State ANILCA Coordination

Correspondence 2009

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1/12/09Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias NPPNabesna ORV Plan/EIS Draft Alternatives26 kb
1/15/09Refuge Manager, Selawik NWRScoping for the Revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan and EA22 kb
1/16/09U.S. Senator for AlaskaProposed federal legislation prohibiting oil and gas exploration in ANWR94 kb
1/30/09Superintendent Western Arctic National ParklandsProposed Subsistence Cabin in Noatak NP EA28 kb
2/13/09Regional Director, National Park Service2009 Draft Park Compendiums25 kb
3/03/09Hoonah District Ranger, USDA Forest ServiceHoonah District Access and Travel Management Scoping28 kb
3/06/09Superintendent, Glacier Bay National Park & PreserveLEIS for the Harvest of Glacous-Winged Gull Eggs by Huna Tlingit24 kb
3/09/09Sitka District Ranger, USDA Forest ServiceRemoval of Cabins from Wilderness Scoping23 kb
3/12/09Superintendent, Katmai National Park & PreserveKatmai ATV Use Report24 kb
3/16/09Refuge Manager, Kenai National Wildlife RefugeCompatibility Determination for Enstar Pipeline RWE20 kb
3/19/09Refuge Manager, Kenai National Wildlife RefugeCabin Management Plan Amendments32 kb
4/03/09Ranger, Juneau and Admiralty National MonumentAccess and Travel Management Scoping25 kb
4/06/09Refuge Manager, Arctic National Wildlife RefugeCompatibility Determination for Core Sampling and Transport on ANCSA 22(g) Lands22 kb
4/27/09Superintendent, Glacier Bay NPPGlacier Bay NPP Foundation Statement21 kb
4/27/09Superintendent, Lake Clark NPPLake Clark NPP Foundation Statement26 kb
5/15/09Superintendent, Aniakchak National Monument and PreserveAniakchak National Monument and Preserve Foundation Statement22 kb
5/15/09Superintendent, Katmai National Park and PreserveKatmai National Park and Preserve Foundation Statement26 kb
5/21/09Glacier District Ranger, Chugach National ForestThree Rivers Plan/EA Scoping21 kb
6/01/09Petersburg District Ranger, Tongass National ForestPetersburg Ranger District Access and Management Scoping30 kb
6/15/09Thorne Bay and Craig District Rangers, Tongass National ForestPrince of Wales ATM and EA36 kb
6/25/09Ketchikan-Misty Fiords District Ranger, Tongass National ForestScoping for the Ketchikan-Misty Fiords and Wrangell Ranger Districts’ Invasive Plant Management Project27 kb
7/02/09Hoonah District Ranger, Tongass National ForestHoonah District ATM and EA24 kb
7/21/09Special Park Program Manager, NPSDraft Director’s Order 5322 kb
8/06/09Superintendent, Denali NPPDENA Stampede Creek Inholder Access22 kb
8/14/09Refuge Manager, Kodiak NWRKODI Invasive Plant Management EA25 kb
8/20/09Acting District Ranger, Wrangell Ranger DistrictWrangell Outfitter and Guide Plan/EA27 kb
8/27/09Petersburg District Ranger, Tongass National ForestPetersburg District ATM/EA26 kb
9/18/09Yakutat District Ranger, Tongass National ForestYakutat District ATM/EA28 kb
10/01/09Superintendent, Wrangell-St. Elias NPPFoundation Statement23 kb
10/02/09Superintendent, Denali NPPSavage River Area Trails EA23 kb
10/26/09Aldo Leopold Institute US Forest ServiceArctic National Wildlife Refuge Recreation Visitor Study35 kb
10/27/09Regional Director US Fish and Wildlife ServiceCCP and Final EIS, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge38 kb
10/28/09Refuge Manager Arctic National Wildlife RefugePlanning Process for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge CCP21 kb
10/29/09Secretary of the InteriorBLM Wilderness Reviews337 kb
11/10/09Planning Coordinator, Dept. of InteriorDOI National Strategic Plan Revision128 kb
11/20/09Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. Coast GuardScoping for Proposed Communication Facilities in Glacier Bay NPP32 kb
11/20/09Environmental Protection Specialist, U.S. Coast GuardScoping for Proposed Communication Facilities on Kodiak NWR32 kb
11/20/09NPS Alaska RegionScoping for Noatak NP Big Game Transportation Services Plan28 kb
11/25/09Refuge Manager, Alaska Peninsula/Becharof NWRScoping for Wind Turbine EA21 kb
11/25/09Superintendent, Lake Clark NPPEA for Proposed Land Exchange in Lake Clark NPP30 kb
11/25/09Superintendent, Katmai NPPScoping for Brooks River Bridge Replacement EIS23 kb
12/7/09Refuge Manager, Kodiak NWRProposed Public-Use Regulations22 kb

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